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Freeport Bankruptcy Law Attorney

It sounds too good to be true ... but it's not. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection wipes all your unsecured debt off the board while keeping creditors from hounding you.

In our experience, bankruptcy begins with a household catastrophe — a layoff, a medical emergency, a flood that leaves you underwater. Short on cash, you live off credit cards, hoping things will turn around. Instead of turning around, your interest rates go up. It is a prescription for annihilation or Chapter 7.

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Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a Breeze With George Enstrom

Do what many Illinois clients have done, and opt for Chapter 7. The downside of Chapter 7 is that it is a liquidation. But many of your most precious assets are exempted from liquidation. Many families lose nothing and watch their unsecured debts (yes, from credit cards) dry up and blow away.

Call the Stephenson County Debt Relief Lawyer

The most satisfying moment is when we file your documents, and an automatic stay goes into effect, forbidding bill collectors from contacting you.

Throughout the process, your main requirement will be for an experienced attorney to walk you through the paperwork and see that it is filled out properly.

Wiping the Board Clean of Debt

We at the George E. Enstrom Law Offices have helped many hundreds of debt-heavy people wipe the board clean and start a new financial life following Chapter 7.

To discuss how Chapter 7 works, call for a free initial consultation. We accept cash, money order, certified checks and personal checks as payment.

Everyday law for everyday people when you have a legal problem, have a talk with Freeport bankruptcy lawyer George Enstrom at 815-515-0004. Or e-mail him here.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

George E. Enstrom Law Offices serves the populations of many Illinois cities and towns, including Freeport, Oregon, Pearl City, Mount Morris, Forreston, Ridott, Polo, Stratford and Stillman Valley. The firm also serves clients from across northwestern Illinois, including Stephenson County, Ogle County, Carroll County, Jo Daviess County, Lee County, Whiteside County and Winnebago County.